To use my development skills to aid businesses in the use of proper standards based, responsive web development and help business to push the potential of the web.

Specific Skills


At nFusion my primary role is as a front-end web developer. I utilize my skills in HTML, SCSS, jQuery/Javascript & PHP to help build creative and sharp responsive websites for a variety of clients. I also work closely with the interactive and creative teams to build engaging user experiences and well designed user interfaces for projects.

e-MDs is a software company that develops EMR solutions for doctors and medical clinics. At e-MDs I began as a front-end web developer working directly with the Creative Director in regards to building the HTML and CSS framework for their sophisticated AJAX solution. I was tasked with building HTML & CSS templates, troubleshooting HTML/CSS issues and help build coding standards for the app. I also managed a team of two other front-end developers, providing assistance, performing code reviews and keeping track of tasks. A secondary aspect of this role was also drawing hi-fi illustrations of the UI to build code from.

Due to growth and my knowledge of the application, my position changed to Information Architect. In this role I worked directly with the Creative Director to work out UI requirements, necessary information and design all aspects of the user interface within the application. I worked with a core team of Business Analysts and Product Specialists to decipher what information and data was to be presented in the application. I then designed and illustrated examples of the UI to include in functional spec documentation.

With Powered I was a front-end web developer. My responsibilities included design and front-end coding of community driven, social networking websites and social web applications for use within Powered's Java based system. This was achieved using Photoshop, XHTML, CSS, some Javascript, mark-up within JSP files and using custom tags and libraries in JSP. I also helped with and worked on UI/UX design for sites being built. I worked closely with other designers, developers, programmers and project managers to achieve company goals.

With Alchemy systems I was a front-end web developer and a QA Engineer. My responsibilities included design and creation of websites and web applications for clients. This was achieved using CSS, XHTML, some PHP and some Javascript. Sites were developed and built within a PHP based content management system. I worked closely with other designers, developers and programmers to achieve company goals.

I also performed work as a QA Engineer performing both black and glass box testing. With the QA position I was responsible for testing of various web based applications. Responsibilities included test case design and creation, documentation and creation of automated test scripts. I also worked closely with project and business analysts to develop and enhance QA processes for the company.

West 41 Media is my freelance business. I handle all aspects of the company ranging from client relations/management down to project design and implementation. I work on a range of media from graphic & web design to development. Projects range from logos and website designs to full-scale web application builds. Most work is accomplished utilizing Photoshop, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Wordpress, some PHP and javascript.

With Transamerica I worked as a web designer for the E-business department. My primary responsibility was creating the user interface and site designs for various web sites, web applications and web based portals. Creation and development was achieved utilizing Photoshop CS 2, ImageReady, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, XHTML, CSS, SEO and limited work in ASP/PHP, Java, Websphere and javascript.

Working as a web designer for PlattForm I worked with the design, layout, development and implementation of websites, banners, e-mail advertisements and contact forms primarily for the Career College industry. Creation and development occurred utilizing Photoshop CS, ImageReady, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, XHTML, CSS, SEO, Javascript, limited ASP/PHP knowledge.

Work with all aspects of the development of CD-ROM and Web based instructional courses for the U.S. Army Military Police, F.B.I, and other government agencies. Duties include: