Front-end. User Experience. Design.

I’m Michael. I am an experienced front-end developer who mixes up sandboxes.
I not only play in the front-end world, but also in the user experience and design side of projects as well.

Throughout my career I have spent time working as a front-end developer, UX designer,
information architect, web designer and QA tester. I enjoy working on many aspects of development ranging
from UX wireframes, HTML prototypes and complete front-end web builds.

Recent Work


Civitas Learning

Project: Civitas Learning

Role: My role with Civitas Learning involved working with project managers, designers and back-end developers to create a robust yet easy to use WordPress theme for content editors. I collaborated with all of these roles to develop an intuitive UX on both the front-end and back-end. Creating an easy to use, panel based theme that provides guidance as well as flexibility with creating content for the site.

I also built the responsive front-end and portions of the back-end WordPress theme using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Foundation, PHP and Advanced Custom Fields.

HERE maps

Project: HERE

Role: With the HERE project, I was involved with producers and directors to work on helping to develop the UX and UI of their new website build. A core function was working on rapid prototypes for a tile based home page and working on wire-frames for key pages of the site.

The prototype was built using Foundation, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

HERE Tile Protoype
HERE wireframe example [PDF]

e-mds wireframes

Project: e-MDs Electronic Medical Records Application

Role: With e-MDs I began as a front-end developer working on the front-end user interface utilizing HTML & CSS. This later evolved into working with Business Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Informatic Specialists and Creative Directors as an Information Architect. I collaborated with these various roles to work through User Interface and User Experience design issues. This involved collaborations, stake-holder meetings and whiteboard sketching. These sketches were then turned into lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes to be included into functional specifications to be handed over to development.

Wireframes were created based from whiteboard sketches and then drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

e-MDs Wireframes [PDF]

Other Work


Head Full of Noise

Head Full Of Noise

Head Full Of Noise is my music review website. I designed, built and continue to write content for the site. The site focuses on music reviews for Industrial and Metal music. I work with music labels, promotional contacts, and bands to help promote up and coming new music.

Drilling Info

Drilling Info

With Drilling Info I worked with producers, designers and back-end developers to build an easy to use WordPress theme utilizing HTML5, Foundation, CSS3, jQuery and Advanced Custom Fields.

nFu Accelerator

nFusion Accelerator

With nFusion Accelerator, I worked with producers and designers to build a promotional landing page for the nFusion Accelerator program. The landing page is responsive, built using Foundation, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and WordPress.