User Experience Design. Code.

I’m Michael. I am a skilled user experience designer who had a previous life in front-end development. I play in the user experience design side of projects and still wander into the front-end code world (just a little). Throughout my career I have spent time working as a UX designer, information architect, front-end developer, web designer and QA tester. I enjoy working on many aspects of software development ranging from UX designs, wire framing, coded prototyping.

Featured Work

My role for openBMC project involved working as a UX Designer and Front-end Developer with a team of design leads, designers and UX researchers to create a small footprint graphical user interface.

My role with Civitas Learning involved working as both a UX Designer and Front-end developer with project managers, designers and back-end developers to create a robust yet easy to use WordPress theme for content editors.

My role with e-MDs involved working with Project Managers, Design Leads and SMEs as an Information Architect/UX Designer and Front-end Developer working on their EMR application.

Other Work

Promotional landing page for Hostway. I collaborated with designers for the UX of the page and built out all the HTML, SCSS and jQuery.

Promotional landing page created to support Sandisk SSD drive targeted to gamers. I built out all HTML, SCSS and jQuery.

Head Full Of Noise is a music review website. It’s a personal project that I built and run to help promote music I am interested in. I work on all aspects of the site ranging from the design and build to writing reviews of the music.